About the Author


With over 25 years experience as a meditation facilitator, healer, and owner of a clinical hypnotherapy and life-coaching clinic, Donna-Louise Attard is well versed in the use of natural therapies and creating natural and safe products. The mother of 4 boys considers herself a perpetual student, constantly looking and searching for new and natural remedies to keep the home clean and to cure their bumps and bruises.

A native of Australia and a resident of the sunny Gold Coast, in Queensland Australia, she has been interested in natural healing methods since a teenager. She understands the importance of keeping the body healthy, and clearing all excessive toxins and chemicals from the body. Further study led her to discover meditation and Donna then facilitated a number of different meditation retreats.

Her passion is helping others to live a healthy lifestyle, and learn how the mind and body can affect our daily lives. Donna-Louise helps people solve life issues naturally, ranging from health, to weight loss, stress, smoking cessation, anxiety and poor sleeping habits. As her skills evolved so do her cases, with many long-term patients and meditation participants visiting her practice, she has had the opportunity to build a personal touch into her treatments. A few years ago this lead her to pursue a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, citing the fact meditation and hypnotic states of mind are very similar.

See Donna's website for her healing therapies: www.DonnaLouiseAttard.com

Holding a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, a certificate in life coaching, and having a strong track record as a spiritual counselor Donna-Louise is highly qualified to help you solve your problems using the power of your own mind. Her hypnotherapy techniques focus the energy deep within the patient, and allow them to become more specific about a desired outcome. Having previously managed several lifestyle outlets in the United Kingdom and Australia, she has had the opportunity to meet people from around the world who have come to her to help them alleviate their issues.

Donna-Louise shares her experiences, and passion for helping people through every available medium. A published author of 4 books including; How to Use the Power of Your Mind for Health and Healing, How to Make your own Green Cleaning Products, Money Mindset for 18-25 Year olds, and Healthy Easy Recipes for 18-25 year olds. She has also spent a great deal of time working as a seminar facilitator for Angel Workshops, Chakra Workshops, and spiritual development workshops.

Trained in a number of other unconventional but proven health remedies including; aromatherapy, numerology, Kirlian diagnosis, Reiki and a certification with Angel Intuitive. When packaged with her ability to inspire, and clear passion for helping others, her mind therapy skills help people to reach their full potential. Continually inspired by her exceptional results and the reward of having helped another human, Donna-Louise, continues to pursues new answers, and new education in order to further help herself, her family, and patients to unlock the power within their mind.

Friendly and approachable Donna-Louise is always looking for new people to help. If you need help, please do send Donna a note or give her a call. She is always happy to put her skills to use to help people regain control of their lives and to live as healthily and happily as possible.